CC’s Specialty Linens & Chair Covers

When considering the decor for your wedding specialty linens can give regular tables and chairs an air of elegance and finesse to your setting. Not to mention lend a hand to your more creative side! When you choose a beautiful specialty linen or overlay it really adds to your decor and reduce the need for more expensive centerpieces. A beautiful overlay and a small centerpiece is usually more elegant and cost efficient especially but not limited to those brides on a budget.

“We are CC’s Specialty Linens, Northern California’s top linen professionals, specializing in the rental of elegant one of a kind linens, overlays, chair covers, sashes and napkins in a vast array of colors and styles. These handmade linens add that special touch to make each memorable occasion as unique as you are.

We do linens and only linens, and if we don’t have the linen you are looking for, we will customize your order for you.

CC’s Specialty Linens come in crushed, button, ribbon, pintuck, crushed shimmer and polyester fabrics that accent any event be it as formal as a wedding or quinceanera or as informal as a corporate meeting or tailgate party. When you want your gathering to have that extra something, rent your linens from CC’s Specialty Linens.

Call today for a personal consultation with our event specialist : (209) 329-0398″ (taken from

3 thoughts on “CC’s Specialty Linens & Chair Covers

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  2. These styles of chair cover and table skirting make your event unforgettable. If you want to add accessories to your chair cover you have to make sure that the colors match the color theme that you are using for the party.

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